Finding our Studio


We are located on Main Street in Grand Junction. You will find us on the north side of the street inside
 the Mercantile Building. The Mercantile Building is located on the left side of Mesa Theatre and Club. 
Available parking is on Main Street, infront of the Mercantile Building or in the rear of the building.
Once you enter the main doors of the Mercantile Building you will find a staircase to your right. Take 
the stairs all the way up. Go past MX Tapas and through a doorway. Up more stairs and... Congrats you
found us. First door on your left is our studio.
Rear Parking: You will also find parking available behind the Mercantile Building off of Rood Avenue. 
The best way to access our building is to find the American National Bank Building. You can park in any 
of the metered spots along the streets.You will find a rear door that is marked: MX Tapas, Main Paige and
other businesses.
Thats us. Come on in and turn to your left. Right there is an elevator. Take it to the third floor. After 
exciting the elevator, follow the hallway all the way down to the last door on your right. 
If you find a stair case, you've gone too far. 
Handicap Accessible: Use the rear entrance instructions and use the elevator to arrive at our studio. You
can always call a few minutes ahead of your arrival and we can meet you to assist with anything you need.
Allow Yourself Enough Travel Time: We don't want you to be rushed. Give yourself 10-15 minutes
prior to your reserved appointment time to get your child, outfits, etc unloaded from your car. We have the
utmost respect for your time and do everything possible to start and stop on time. Being 15 minutes late 
for your session may require you to reschedule your appointment.